Hipster King is not a title I sought, but it was bestowed upon me. Along with the duties of the king, I also hold the office of mayor of Action City. Naturally, I’d like to give all credit and glory to Robert Wise, most high exalted one. He is the spirit animal of Action City; the coiner of any distinctions herein.

Everything sucks now. – Bobbo

This is a repository for cool. I’m rooted in the 80s and 90s, so in current parlance, I’m a non-ironic hipster (no mustache). But it’s not about mockery, it’s about digging what I dig and bringing that to the citizens of Action City. You know, partiers.

I can’t find any punks I like. – The Craigster (AKA Rapmaster Craig)

Anyhow, if you need to hit me up on the pager, don’t bother – mine died in 1994 (around the demise of my mustache). On the other hand, there’s always chrisb@action-city.net.

** Disclaimer I’m using stuff I find from all over the internet. If you’ve discovered that I’m using something of yours, know that I probably love you or your stuff or both. Hopefully, that’s enough for us to continue on in mutual admiration, but if not, I’ll gladly take it down. 


*UPDATE* – privacy policy can be found here.