Here are two studio sessions recorded by Rich Hotaling in Cary, IL. There are no vocals, but plenty of clams. There are reasons why we had a little success and why we also couldn’t get out of our own way. Regardless, it was the first band where I felt like an equal part of the thing, and we were making music that I would go see live or buy in a record store.

There’s nothing like it.

Again, warts and all, recorded live to tape, for your perusal:

Rod Studio Side A

Rod Studio Side B


Isolated track from Side A – (We Must Become) One:


Here are some tracks recorded in DeKalb by the Dark Squirrel (AKA Crafty/the Twiddler/the Dawdler) in the basement of the living accommodations known as “The Luxor”. This was some of the last stuff Rod Almighty did together. For these sessions, we had the fourth member on board (Dan Chambers) and recorded live to tape, basically.




Work Song




EYE (from Eat Your Corn compilation album)






Don’t Matter Much