I don’t care what Donald Trump does to Greenland, as long as he keeps his fat, greedy fingers off of Iceland. ADHD presses a lot of my buttons, and however they’re keeping it together, I don’t ever want it to stop.

The band, to me, is perfect. It’s difficult to find just the right mix of players and instruments and influences to create the full sounds in your head. And the thing about music is, each of those players, and all of their influences comprise a given band’s sound. You could replicate the songs note for note with different players, but I’d submit that the feel would be different.

And so, we have ADHD. Mostly grown men, clearly influenced in equal measure by jazz, post punk, and David Bowie, and then whatever myriad inputs each of them also brings to the mix. Their musical style is casual but emotional, dotted with moments of  intensity. Their visual style matches their musical style – calm, mature, but playful and occasionally heated.

I came across ADHD while scanning through KEXP’s YouTube feed – it’s an eclectic mix of anyone playing through Seattle. On occasion, they also record a live show in front of fans, or in this case, in an empty church in Iceland.

Vog sounds vaguely familiar, like from the 70s, but then moves to this subtly powerful place and makes me want to practice rudiments. There are more songs in the session – check them out, too.

And, if you weren’t warmed up to the band already, check out this preview of their documentary: