Only 2 games into the 2023-4 campaign, there’s no way to convince me that the Bears will win another game this season. I could probably end this post right here.

I wanted to like the new regime at the end of last year. Even though the final tally was a losing season, it felt like a legitimate NFL effort. If they were selling a teardown/rebuild, you could see the nuggets of hope that could buoy this year’s campaign – especially with some good trades and picks. And sure enough, I was pretty excited about all of the additions to the team.

Pre-season was less decisive an improvement, although the flashes were there again. Then, week one happened. If the Bears could have put up any kind of fight, the mood going into week three would be different.

Well, maybe not. This week alone, the Defensive Coordinator mysteriously resigned after missing a game (very odd), a young OL player went on injured reserve, and the prized QB essentially said he was lost and that the coaching hasn’t been much of a help.

The question for this week is: who can be trusted? If the QB is doubting his own abilities or role, it’s difficult to trust him or whoever coached him. If the defense throws up back-to-back bad games, it’s easy to understand the lack of trust in the erstwhile coordinator, but can they trust each other? Do they trust coaches and management to actually put the right people in the right positions?

If the answer to any of that is no and there’s lacking trust at one or many levels, this rebuild is at a standstill until someone can take control and lead. At worst, we’re right back in the pit of despair and no further along than we have been for the previous three regimes.

Another thought – people focus on the turnover and ineffectiveness the Bears have seen at the QB position, but it does also feel like the place where coaches go to die. We’re still known for the coach in 1985 (and by many accounts, even that guy underperformed).

Already, people are talking about life after Eberflus and Poles. I’m not saying they’re the ones to take the Bears to the Super Bowl, but my question is: who is available that would do a better job right now?

Isn’t it possible (likely?) that we’ve exhausted the pool of coaches who are willing to risk their reputations on this organization? Wouldn’t we be looking at a fresh crop of first-year candidates who could easily be the next Adam Gase or Vic Fangio in the driver’s seat? Or Trestman?

Again, I’m not saying we plant our flag with the current guys, but I haven’t heard a better (available) option. I’m just tired of excuses and dashed hope. And, I expect to be even more tired after this weekend against the reigning Super Bowl champs.

And so it goes…