Football season is upon us again, and while I’m looking forward to seeing how this new coaching staff can work with the patchwork of old and new players and schemes that is the 2015 Chicago Bears.

I’ve read predictions of 3-13, which would be worse than last year, and that doesn’t seem possible. This new coaching staff is too professional and credentialed. Like Cutler, I’m not sure how they ended up here, but also like Cutler, I’m a little concerned that the reputation they bring might not hold up on Sundays. Especially this first year, where they’re holding a mixed bag of questionable talent and changing defensive philosophies pretty significantly.

My take this early on is that they won’t do much better than 8-8, but I won’t have to swear so mercilessly at my television this year. I saw what appeared to be NFL football during the preseason. I’m less upset about a missed stop if the defense is where they’re supposed to be and they keep big plays contained. I’m fine with coming up just shy of the first down marker if the play made sense. There’s another team on the field, and if they’re better, so be it. If the calls were good and the effort was respectable, there’s no shame in being beaten by a better team, but I really hope that the Bears won’t be their own worst enemy this year. If I can exit this season with hope, I’ll be satisfied.

I only have one Chicago Bear on my fantasy team this year. It’s a little sad, but I felt like competing this year. I hope the Bears are feeling the same way.