Badbadnotgood is ironic. I guess “Buttery Smooth” offers too much color and “Sublime” was already taken. They could have gone with “Smallsmallprolific” but it probably wouldn’t jump off a concert poster.

Making the backing noises for some hip hop dignitaries got them noticed and on the map, and they are a further evolution of putting well-played, soulful jazz back into the mainstream. Honestly, I can’t get enough of it. Plug their ironic name into Spotify or Google Music and let the algorithms treat you to some gorgeous compositions and soulful stickwork.

I’m no historian, but I believe this is the track that got them some notice on their own:

Here’s how they do it live:

Okay, so maybe it was the re-imagined video featuring Snoop holding a gun to a Trump-a-like.