I don’t think I’ve talked about this band before, but they were hugely influential for me. They were probably already disbanded by the time I became aware of them, but they burned pretty brightly for the short time they were around. And I became aware of them while moving Record Revolution from its single-slot, original location to what would be its last spot right up against Lincoln Highway.

Under one of the record bins, there was a pile of demo CDs from various labels. This one caught my eye, especially since I had never heard of the band at all, and was only vaguely familiar with the label (First Warning, part of BMG). I put it in the store CD player and it was this swirling odyssey of dirty/clean metal/jazz with a soothing, crooning voice surfing above the squalls. Also, it sounded like a band I might randomly encounter at Otto’s (like Hum or Zebulon Pike). I was hooked.

Eventually, they made another record and it also was great, but then they went the way of most bands and fought about money and writing credits. Here’s some live stuff that’s a VHS-quality recording, but it makes me happy to see that they could sling it live.

For comparison and context, here’s a studio version: