First post in this new blog format was about a song by Hot Snakes which has this killer hook that shifts from high to low (gear/end/whatever) mid-verse. The visual of some 60s-era street rat topping out 3rd gear at a dangerously high speed, then dropping it into 4th and putting the hammer down – it applies perfectly in my head. Gritty, yet smooth at the same time.

Since then, we did a cross-country trip where a layover was in Seattle overnight. Everything was closed at the airport, except Starbucks, and right across the way, a Sub-Pop store. On the back wall, the entire Hot Snakes catalog in vinyl. We had another 4-5 hours left in a plane, but for some reason, just being in that record store in an airport at midnight made me super happy. Maybe it was knowing that 95% of the people walking through that relatively busy airport have no idea that this song is sitting right there, 50 feet from where they’re ordering their venti mocha half-caffaccino, ready to plow right through them: