What I keep learning is that my favorite bands have exceptional drummers. Little Dragon falls in line. The unique vocal stylings, stone cold grooves, and beats from outer space keep me coming back over and over again. Plus, if you watch them play music live, it’s pretty easy to see that they enjoy what they are doing. The music is joyful, and you can see it in their interactions as plainly as you can hear it in the music. The tricky part is deciding on something representative to post here—there are so many good sounds with such distinctive, different feels. I guess I’ll start with the title song:

This is a pretty good representation; in hearing it, you might recognize the vocal style from other stuff, like this feature in a Gorillaz tune:

Or this SBTRKT song:

Or this killer matchup with Badbadnotgood (this one makes me happy—despite its melancholy tone, there’s more than a hint of hope in how the chorus resolves):

Now, if you have a hi-fi setup that can handle deep, deep bass, then you might give this a listen:

And finally, a song that stands out as an all-time favorite for me:

It goes on and on. Check out more KEXP, set up a Little Dragon radio station on your favorite streamer, or head over to their bandcamp page and support them directly. They just keep putting out great records—no end in sight. I’m glad for it, because this counters a LOT of external news/fake news/politics/opinions/pandemics/etc. Music has always been a refuge for me, and Little Dragon is a mighty fortress.