Two weeks in is pretty early for giving up hope. Even in the Trestman era, there were still players on the field who could take over (or even affect) a game. Between attrition, regime change, and injury, I probably won’t have heard of 50% of the Bears players who take the field this week.

Kyle Long is regarded as the best player on the team at this point, and he has a shoulder injury that probably needs surgery. So, at best, he’s not playing optimally. He’ll be (kind of) protecting a journeyman QB who has underperformed at 5 other NFL teams before landing in the Bears backup role. After Hoyer is a guy I have never heard of who is apparently in his 4th NFL season. They have no young prospect to develop.

QB is the most important position on the team, and the Bears have one on his way out, a rental on his way through, and just a guy. Unless they pull off a blockbuster in the off-season, there’s not much reason for hope.

During the preseason, I thought we’d be looking at an 8-8 season, but if there were visible improvements, I’d be okay with that. I’ve heard radio guys throw 2-14 around and I don’t have a convincing argument to the contrary.

With the injuries and an utter lack of both discipline and cohesiveness, it’s like a clown car crashed into a dumpster fire. Bear down?