Here are a few things I’ve noticed:

Missing Clintons – One of the criticisms against HRC’s campaign was that they didn’t get out like they should have. It’s still a lingering question I had about her run as Secretary of State; she left that post stating that she didn’t feel she had anything left to give. From the beginning of her campaign, I worried that she’d get a couple years into her term as President of the United States of America and have a similar loss of drive. Then, at what seemed like a pretty critical time while campaigning, she fell ill. And, as we now see clearly in hindsight, her team maybe miscalculated the impact she might have had in a few key states had she visited in the final hours.

And now, weeks later, I’ve seen very little of HRC in the public. Bernie got ousted before she did, and I still see him stumping for the cause he represented with his campaign, trying to help us keep our eyes on the issues. The fact that Hillary hasn’t pledged to continue to fight the fight (at least in any media outlet that I visit) tells me that she might not have been such a great choice, either.

Publicity on Trump’s Terms – Trump continues to talk about how “the liberal media” twists his words and attacks him. In doing so, he’s admitting that he can be victimized despite his tough talk on some of the most critical issues facing the country. He’s not afraid of ISIS, but he might have to sue a journalist. He feels like we’re squandering our nukes, but stays up until 2 AM swatting back at Twitter trolls.

Why does the conservative press not equal out the liberal press? I would postulate that there is a liberal bias to some press outlets, as well as a conservative cadre. There also have to be some that are mostly objective, and I would bet that they would lean more populist than democrat/republican. I think those outlets match the public opinion that Trump is not fit to be president, and so it’s pretty easy for him to lump them in with the actual liberal media. But his way of dealing with criticism is to block them out instead of answering his critics, or working to bridge the gaps he’s very vocally created. That’s not how America works when it’s great.

Freedom to Protest – I have heard that somewhere around 30 congressional representatives will not be attending the Trump inauguration. I have also heard Trump supporters and Fox News (I know, I know) calling their protest “sad” and “unfortunate” in that it undermines the peaceful transition of power. They noted that only 4 representatives missed the Obama inauguration.

The major difference, in my opinion, is that the Obama detractors were opposed to him based on fears of what he might do, or what they thought he represented – despite his words and deeds. This is a very important factor that the talking heads do not seem to address. Obama stated from the very beginning that his campaign of hope included all of us. Trump has been divisive from the beginning of his campaign, and even after winning, he can’t help but call his detractors names, continuing the alienation. There was no moral, civil reason for people to protest Obama, but I believe there is a reason for women or people of color or Mexicans or Muslims to show their concern about his stated disdain for them.

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Trump is not worried about me, either. Despite being white, male, and born here, I’m very concerned about his plans (or lack of) and his treatment of a large portion of citizens, not to mention the rest of the world.