In all honesty, I was never the biggest fan of Nick Cave. However, the Bad Seeds and the Birthday Party before them—those were some magnificent outfits making some outlandish sounds. In that light, I can’t imagine anyone other than Nick Cave fronting those bands, with words and style that serviced the overall packages, ultimately. And, while I love what they were doing musically, I don’t think they’d have worked without a vocalist.

Today, hailing from Detroit, we have Protomartyr. Forget the insinuation of a comparison, even if there is some familiarity, because this is fresh angst and stoic cynicism for the modern age. (There are some strong similarities.) Anyhow, I love the video, and we’re pretty big fans of clarinet solos in this house.

One more, because I haven’t heaped enough praise on this band yet, and this song has Kelley Deal in it: