Shocking news this morning. Another tectonic shift in the music world.

Superunknown has been one of my favorite albums since it was released. I think people heard just a couple tracks from that record, and maybe got sick of them, but it was deep; beautifully composed and recorded with stellar musicianship. The album just makes sense as a whole.

Cleaner than other grunge acts, but with all of the raw power and angst, they used non-standard timings and a wall of sound that Cornell stood on to shout to the masses. The lyrics from this record, had he died in the 90s, would have left little doubt that he had given the idea of his demise some thought: Black Hole Sun, Limo Wreck, Let Me Drown, The Day I Tried To Live, Head Down, Like Suicide.

Here’s another – Fell On Black Days:

Ironic that such bleak subject matter would elicit such beautiful music.

R.I.P. Chris Cornell.