Since the beginning of his campaign, I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that this wouldn’t last to the end, because Trumpy will never release his financials. This was already broached and his non-answer was met with less vigor than his request for Obama’s birth certificate, for sure.

His biggest political endeavor before declaring his candidacy was to discredit and impeach Barack Obama. He failed, and failed miserably. Beyond that, I have no idea what his public service record is. I’m going to assume that since he should have been drafted, he’s avoided public service at every turn.

I’ve also posited that the entire Trump campaign could be a ruse, exposing just how depraved and distorted the Republican party has become. I can’t imagine how it could be more fragmented at this point, with the party’s candidate calling out the party’s leader as weak and ineffective. I can’t imagine Christopher Guest writing a more hapless character.

Then, I was worried that he was so far into demagogue mode that he fancied himself the head of a movement that could physically, violently overthrow the US Government. He appeals to the scared, and the gun-wielding, xenophobic misogynists, and has provoked actual violence at his rallies before being nominated. Could he conjure up a revolution? Is he more interested in his historical legacy than cash money? Who knows.

So, what does he still have up his sleeve? None of his offensive bombshells have made any real impact, and he seems to do much more harm to himself every time he talks or tweets. Will the rigged election (“…and you know what I mean…”) be the clincher, or will HRC’s own poor e-mail judgment hand the election over to him? I’m starting to think that his own envisioning of himself doesn’t allow him to see what we see – an overcompensating, entitled creep.

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